Saturday, February 14, 2015

LUZ DEL PUERTO DE SAN FERNANDO - The Unfinished Business

I had a couple of visits in in La Union in 2014 - the first one being alone (of course) and the second time, with friends who were just as inquisitive on what they can see and enjoy in the province, Somehow, my recent visits to San Fernando seemed to be open-ended and for the third time, I found myself inside the Partas Bus on an unfinished business to La Union.

I wasn't really convinced it was all there is to see of the Luz Del Puerto De San Fernando - also known as Poro Point Lighthouse. There is, I know, the original tourelle tower, that still exists besides the new concrete tower. I Google-mapped the location, and from the satellite view, I noticed a circular structure in the vicinity of the new tower, so blurred to recognize but I am quite sure that it is what I am searching for. 

I was right! The rusty abandoned original 1885 steel tower is still bolted from its concrete base. It cannot be seen from the main road and one has to go around behind the lightkeeper's almost-damaged quarter. Amazingly, the 8-meter tall tower remained standing the edge of a precipice providing a reminder of its original function as an important navigational aid of its category.

Climbing the top of the tower was exhilarating with the breathtaking view of the South China Sea and the San Fernando peninsula.  

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