Friday, April 10, 2009

My Ultimate Experience in BATANES

Everything you need to know about Batanes:

- It is the smallest province in the Philippines in terms of size and population
- It's a misconception that Batanes is constantly being battered by typhoon. It's just the reference point of any typhoon that enters the PAR.
- Batanes is the only place in the Philippines known to have all four seasons - spring, summer, fall, and of course, winter! Without the snow, the closest you can get is Batanes, where temperature dips to as low as 7˚C from November to January.
- Batanes has no real nightlife or the popular fastfood or  big mall chains.
- People on the streets smile at each other even they do not know each other personally.
- No dust and pollution, the air you breath is fresh. Really fresh!
- The mountains, hills and valleys are coloured green all year round. And the surrounding seas are in its nature given color.
- Everybody can drink directly from the faucet without fear of contracting amoebiasis or diarrhea.
- Stone houses are refreshing sight and amaze visitors with their unique designs. Doors are left open while the owners are out to work.
- The airport is an amusement center. A lot of people go to the airport, like well-wishers, even though they are not waiting for anyone, like relatives, in particular.
- Coconut crabs, kuyabs and valichits (local migratory birds only found in Batanes) are abundant during certain seasons of the year.
- No traffic, no squatters, no beggars, no thieves - you feel confident that somebody who found your lost key will bring it back to you or to the nearest police or radio station.
- On a clear night sky, the brilliance of the moon and the stars do not compete with commercial lights.
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