Thursday, December 25, 2014

LakbayLoyd 2014 Year-End Travel Review

Travelling is the greatest true love of my life. That, I learn every time I go to different destinations I hardly had any notions at all. My peculiar itineraries, which consist of trying out new things, wandering off the beaten paths, meeting new people, and looking beyond what is usual and conventional, almost always give me the heightened consciousness through which to apprehend and give importance to almost everything that exist in this world. 

I was never a tourist - I am a traveler.

The peculiarity of my travel agenda brought me to discover and see for myself the almost neglected and forgotten beacons which are witnesses to more than a hundred year of our nation's history - The Spanish Colonial Lighthouses.

2014 is LakbayLoyd's year of the lighthouses. 

Roughly 70 lighthouses were designed and built during the Spanish Colonial Government. 22 are major constructions works while the rest are of lower classification lights.

I have been to 18 of these lighthouses - 3 of them I visited unintentionally during my earlier years of traveling - simply to look at. Then, I realized this passion to discover for myself the historical importance of these lonely sentinels by the sea and eventually completed 15 in 2014.

By 2015, I am determined to visit and complete my collection of all major lighthouses in the Philippines.

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