Monday, July 28, 2014

LakbayLoyd Lighthouse Series 10: EL FARO DE ISLOTE SIETE PECADOS, Siete Pecados Islands, Dumangas, Iloilo

Not much have been written about this historical landmark and location. El Faro De Islote Siete Pecados was built in 1897 and stood on top of the biggest of the seven islands of Siete Pecados, a small group of islands scattered closely to each other guarding the entrance of Iloilo Strait, part of Dumangas, the gateway to then bustling trade in the Port of Iloilo City.

The lighthouse's current state is depressing - ceiling torn down to wreckage, walls full of spray paints and other forms of vandalism - such an unfortunate conclusion to a significant landmark of the province. The local government was not able to restore the old lighthouse, obviously, but managed to install a modern generic white light tower next to the old structure to serve as guide to passing vessels.

Understanding the lighthouse's significance, I managed my visit to Siete Pecados Light Station through the help of several DOT staff from Buenavista, Guimaras. Ms.Tina Fernandez (cel. 09177915477), Tourism Officer of Buenavista, her staff, Katkat and Zaldy (cel. 09353342274), were my event coordinators for this trip. And to my and their amazement, I was one of the very few tourists with this kind of unusual itinerary.

The Siete Pecados islands are most accessible from Buenavista, Guimaras, which is 15-minutes away by pumpboat from Parola Port in Iloilo City. A short habal-habal ride in and around Buenavista town was added to my island tour by Zaldy before taking a small fishing boat for the islands. These boats can be found along the beach next to Roca Encatada - the heritage and summer house of the Lopez clan.

Commonly, the islands serve only as shelter and picnic ground for fishermen. Sadly, bits and pieces of litter surround the island.

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