Monday, July 28, 2014

LakbayLoyd Lighthouse Series 11: EL FARO DE PUNTA LUZARAN (GUISI POINT LIGHT HOUSE), Nueva Valencia, Guimaras

It was like hitting two birds in one stone when I visited Guimaras Island recently. I was able to visit two lighthouses in just a single day - El Faro De Islote Siete Pecados in the morning and El Faro De Punta Luzaran in the afternoon. Zaldy, my tour guide from DOT Guimaras (093533422740) was very kind to offer his motorcycle as our official tour vehicle for my entire trip, giving me the opportunity to visit the entire province's significant landmarks traversing from the farthest north town of Buenavista to the southernmost tip of Guimaras, the Guisi Point in Bgy Dolores, town of NuevaValencia.

Most commonly called Guisi Point Light House, El Faro De Punta Luzaran was considered the second oldest lighthouse in the Philippines. People of Guimaras take pride of this historical structure making sure almost all visitors in the island don't miss this.

For a very long time, the lighthouse served as a  navigational aid for fishermen and sailors cruising the Panay Gulf. It was built under the Spanish government and was completed in 1896. The lighthouse marked the south entrance to Iloilo. Currently, the entire lighthouse was in ruins and no longer operational. Another tower, a white generic modern light was built close to the original tower.

I skipped the idea of climbing the top of the lighthouse for safety reasons. Nevertheless, the view of the surrounding bay from the top of Guisi Point is so charming and relaxing. Downhill was the magnificent view of different rock formations and of course, the famous Guisi beachfront.

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