Saturday, April 3, 2010


Going to the beach is always the least of my travel priority. If you would ask me where I would want to go "beaching", my responses would be:

Boracay - a big NO
Puerto Galera - a much much bigger NO
Palawan - way too expensive to go - also NO
Panglao in Bohol - already getting crowded - MAYBE
Samal Island - as long as it is Davao - YES
Pagudpud -definitely YES!

Why Pagudpud?

Everything in Pagudpud is almost perfect - the sand, the water and the sun. Pagudpud is one of the best places I have ever been as a nature lover. It's peaceful and quiet there. Aside from the beach, one can opt to go to Kaibigan Falls, or Kabigan Falls to locals. But before you can actually see the Falls, you have to walk 1.5 km. Then there's also the Patapat Viaduct, Blue Lagoon (the water is true to its name - blue), and many more.

In photos:  Paul Acuna - my forever-Ilocos-fanatic friend
Nanette, Lynne, Charie - Laquachadoras de Peninsula Manila

Pagudpud 2005

 Pagudpud 2007 - Patapat Viaduct

Kabigan Falls - Pagudpud 2007

Blue Lagoon - Pagudpud 2007

Saud Beach - Pagudpud 2007

 Pagudpud 2009
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