Friday, November 25, 2011

Enchanting Daranak and Batlag Falls - Tanay, Rizal

For an exciting and unforgettable nature tripping, I recommend Tanay, Rizal which is just a stone's throw away from Manila. 

The main attraction of Tanay is the enchanting Daranak Falls located at the foot of Tanay mountain. The area is refreshing, with natural vegetation, ponds and streams cascading through rocks, complemented with a recreation area of nipa huts and a cafe-restaurant overlooking the falls.
Just a short walk uphill from Daranak Falls is another waterfalls which is called the Batlag Falls. To get there, a signage will lead you to the concrete stair leading further up. At the end of the stairs, you will fnd a desolate-looking park and cottages but that's ok - this is the real definition of untouched nature. Overgrown bushes, catch basins, cascading waters, clear pools and streams, beautifully gnarled trees and interesting plants greet you as you reach the falls. The feeling was like getting lost, then finding a paradise. It is such an awesome sight.

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