Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Shrine City of DAPITAN

Located in Zamboanga Del Norte, Dapitan City gained its fame as the place of exile of Gat. Jose Rizal. Our National Hero arrived here in 1892 and left shortly before his death in 1898. For four years, he made his exile days significant to the people of Dapitan by practicing medicine and pursuing scientific studies, composing artistic and literary works, establishing community development projects, etc.

Have your own feel of Rizal's life by visiting the Rizal Shrine museum containing memorabilia such as old photos, books and medical equipments, the park where replicas of the exile houses were rebuilt, the Relief Map of Mindanao and the Dapitan Town Plaza which were previously declared as National Cultural Treasure and National Historical Landmark respectively.

Other historical sites and structures worth visiting are the Rizal's Disembarkation Site, Town Hall Building (City Hall), Old Rizal Memorial District Hospital, Ilihan Hill, Parochial School, Casa Real, Gabaldon Building, St. James Church, the Sta. Cruz marker, Gabaldon school building, and old ancestral houses.

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