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LakbayLoyd Lighthouse Series 15: LUZ DEL PUERTO DE SAN FERNANDO, Poro Point, San Fernando City, La Union

Towers of metal called tourelle were fabricated and designed during the massive lighting project during the Spanish Era in the 19th century. One of those, and still standing as of this present time, is the Luz Del Puerto De San Fernando.

Installed in November 1885, the tower, made entirely of steel, is one of the eight lighthouses in the Philippines of its kind which were ordered from France. It stood 6 meters from its concrete base. And because of its easy access to the community, only basic shelter were provided for the lighthouse keepers. Built in 1903, the dwelling provided for the keeper still stands.

Poro Point, also known as Punta San Fernando, has been a major navigational site since 1885. After the Spanish era, the Americans took over the port and the site became Camp Wallace.  A concrete tower, the old lighthouse’s subsequent replacement, was built in 1979. It was located a few meters inland.

Poro Point is one of the most visited tourist attractions in La Union. Thanks to Thunderbird Resort, the most popular among tourists, with its deluxe hotel facilities and golf courses exclusive for members only.

A bit of warning. One has to pass two separate gates with guards. Just state your intention to visit the lighthouse and you'll be allowed. Remember that this used to be a US military base used to house sophisticated communication facilities, that's why. 

La Union's Attractions.

In San Fernando City, a number of attractions are awaiting tourists to visit and enjoy to complete their itinerary.

Cathedral of Saint William The Hermit
Ma-Cho Temple
San Fernando city Town Plaza
Cafe Esperanza right in the center of the plaza

The famous Bibingka of San Fernando City
Halo Halo De Iloco, Always-wait-to-be-seated  

What Halo Halo De Iloco is famous for? Of course, the halo halo!
Pindangan Ruins
Thunderbird Resort, of course!

Your tour of La Union will never be complete without visiting places popular in the province.

Our Lady of Namacpacan (Church of Sta CatalinaDe Alejandra) in Luna

Baluarte Watch Tower in Luna

Bahay Na Bato in Luna
And the ultimate experience in La Union - surfing the famous beaches in San Juan.

With acknowledgements to Ms. Marisol, accredited tour guide from the Department of Tourism - San Fernando City, La Union.

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