Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Overrated Pine Trees of ANAWANGIN COVE

In 1990, Mount Pinatubo unleashed its fury and erupted - one of the most violent and deadliest volcanic eruption in the history of mankind.

Anawangin Cove was covered with ashes, became isolated for quite some time, probably left barren. 
A few years later, the beach front was formed divinely covered with fine white sand (the product of Pinatubo ashes, that is!), and lush foliage of pine trees started to grow and cover the entire cove. What a magnificent reward from Mother Nature!

These pine trees made Anawangin cove so popular, and its popularity spread across the nation and the world! Almost everyone wants to go there. The sleepy sitio of Pundaquit in San Antonio, Zambales is now the center of tourism in Zambales!

Our original plan was just to go to Capones Lighthouse. But our bancero insisted we should try Anawangin first. He said the fine trees look great!

Anyway, for curiosity's sake, Tess and I went there to find out for ourselves why this is the prime destination in this town. Truly, upon reaching the cove, we were awed by the beach with fine grey sand turning white under the sun and the welcoming sight of the surrounding green mountain slopes and visible tips of pine trees from afar.

It was amazing, a sight to behold, a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

But devastatingly disappointing! People started to litter the place and the whole surrounding smells. The pine trees are boring, some died and fallen. I guess the influx of people visiting the island prevented the trees from growing. There are barely a few sprout shooting from the ground.  

Nipa huts, concrete stalls, tents abound the cove. Indeed not a pleasant sight for this marvelous creation. Resolutions, prevention and preservation, and public awareness must be done here! This may not sound pleasant but I have to write about this. 

The pine trees of Anawangin Cove are overrated!

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