Saturday, June 7, 2014

LakbayLoyd Lighthouse Series 06 : EL FARO DE CABO SANTIAGO, Calatagan, Batangas

After that long, very accomplished day of Lobo adventures, we bid goodbye to my very generous friend, Karen Castillo, and headed back to Batangas City where we will stay for the night and prepare for our trip to Calatagan the next day.

By the way, the day before I went to Lobo, I told a pasaway friend about my plans and right there and then she decided to come with me. So it's not really a solo trip - I have an asungot with me, well, a very nice asungot naman, hehe. Peace, Tecla Nanez!

The plan is to visit the El Faro De Cabo Santiago or Faro De Punta Santiago, well, others call it Cape Santiago. From Batangas City terminal, we took the bus to Lian. From Lian Public Market, there are jeepneys for Calatagan Town Proper. Then a tricycle will take you to the parola.

Being on our own and entirely clueless of where to get the ride, we roam around Lian town on foot looking for the jeepney terminal. We were unaware that we are being observed by the traffic enforcer, knowing probably we were tourists, we were led to our point of destination thru PA system. Yes, he talked to us using the microphone telling "Dito po ang sakayan papuntang Calatagan (looking and pointing on us). Opo, lagpas na po kayo!" Hilarious! Now the whole town knows where we are going hahaha!

Finally, we reached Calatagan. That 13 kilometer stretch took us more than an hour, not because of the traffic but because the jeepney ride was toooo slow! Anyway, we had lunch to relieve ourselves when we reached the town proper and then had to barter for the tricycle driver. He charged us 400 pesos, round-trip, for that lighthouse trip. Whew, ok, ok!

We met the caretaker along the way to get a permit and to guide us to the lighthouse's facilities. He then explained that they would ask for donations to maintain the lighthouse.

Cape Santiago is located on the western tip of Calatagan shoreline and standing on top of the cliff by the shore. The lighthouse has kept its grandeur state over the years, and unlike the Malabrigo Lighthouse, the structures are not painted - making it appears really, really old but properly maintained. It was built in 1890  and one of the oldest working Spanish lighthouses in the Philippines.

We were not able to climb the tower back in Malabrigo, but here it's permitted. The view from the top is spectacular looking at the clear blue waters of Calatagan Bay and beach fronts in the surroundings.

We headed back to Manila that afternoon overwhelmed with fulfillment. Tecla realized that it is indeed fun to travel with LakbayLoyd and would definitely not miss coming with me on any of my future trips! Where and when would be next? Anytime and anywhere, we will cross every street and bridge to get there.

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