Saturday, June 7, 2014

LakbayLoyd Lighthouse Series 07 : FARO Y LUCES DE RIO PASIG, Muelle De La Industria, Manila

Finding this lighthouse was never that easy. It is located inside Philippine Coast Guard Headquarters along the mouth of the Pasig River. But before entering the PCG gate, one must walk through the congested shanties along the narrow street of Muelle De La Industria from Delpan Bridge. This venture, perhaps, would only be dared by  a handful.

It was a relief to finally reach the gate of PCG compound after that 300 meter or so walk. Before entering the compound, I have to ask permission first to the Guard and after a little questioning on my purpose, I was allowed to go to the lighthouse area and take pictures. A buiding, looks like a gymnasium, is being built next to the lighthouse and the construction materials are scattered all over. I asked one of the Guards to accompany me, and to be my personal photographer, hehe!

The Pasig River Light, also know for its old name Faro Y Luces De Rio Pasig, was built in 1642 erected to protect the country's flourishing maritime industry at the height of the Galleon Trade and the oldest light station in the Philippines. The original structure has been replaced in 1992, completely altered with a more modern design, but sadly, its elegance and grandeur completely lost.

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